Projects and products
Many of our customers, especially in the industrial and commercial sector, prefer to work under non-disclosure agreements which prevent us including their projects here.

We offer a wide and flexible range of services including:

Design, develop, manufacture and installation

Design and development of products for customer manufacture

Productionise and manufacture customer's own prototypes

Service and repair old and obsolete rf amplifiers and systems

Customers and end users have included:

major international military radio and commercial telecommunications companies (including Vodafone, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, BAE Systems).

leading international physics research sites

UK Defence Research Agency

JET Fusion Reactor

A few past projects include:

20kW amp

214MHz 20kW pulsed amplifier


300W phase linear

5-300MHz 300W phase linear amplifier system

UHF linear amp
Ultra linear UHF amplifiers to carry trunked radio signals underground in a subway system. Since installation, 26 amplifiers have accumulated almost 5 million hours of operation at 150W dissipation ‘24/7/365’. There has been a single field failure.

Bi-directional amp

Ultra linear bi-directional, high gain, amplifiers for extending 800MHz trunked radio communications into blast proof bunkers at oil refineries. Several high profile names carried such products in their catalogues, but could not deliver in practice. Eltac designed and delivered units in a matter of weeks.

Compact 50 and 100W 500-1000MHz amplifiers for jamming applications.

1.5kW sources at 13.56MHz and 27.12MHz for industrial plasma generators and laser excitation. 

High power harmonic filters and directional couplers to solve specific installation problems at co-located base station sites. Several hundred filters were subsequently produced.

100W mobile radio base station designed and prepared for customer production. Approx. 2500 units in service.

Single channel filtered on-frequency repeaters with controlled delay and group delay for carrying paging signals into ‘dead’ areas.
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